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Why Shop Between Friends?

It’s an experience, not just another boutique

Remember when shopping was fun? These days it seems like stores rush you out without making any meaningful connection. Here at Between Friends Boutique we want you to feel the fun of shopping with your friends. Come in, enjoy some champagne, ask questions, try some things on, have a fun time – it’s retail therapy after all. 

As a mother-daughter operated boutique we value supporting family and friends and that’s reflected in the pieces we carry.

Keep it on the hill! We’re members of the Chestnut Hill community and love to support our local community. Every dollar spent here helps a small business and independent designers that create unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. Everyone’s got that fast-fashion piece, but here you’re bound to leave with something out of the ordinary.

By shopping with us, you're directly contributing to the success of a minority and woman-owned business, fostering a more inclusive and equitable economy.

While there are many reasons to shop at Between Friends Boutique, ultimately it comes down to the pieces we carry. Everything from modest to eclectic is in-store and we take pride in dressing for not just everybody, but every BODY.

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